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ASICS is undoubtedly Japan’s leading sports brand. 

Recently they released a series of sneakers to commemorate the 100th anniversary of their founder Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka who passed away in 2007. These daily sneakers are not only functional but fashion statements as well. 

Tiger Corsair, Gel-Mai and Gel-Quantum 360

The sneaker series released were Tiger Corsair, Gel-Mai and Gel-Quantum 360. 

The sneakers were released in all of ASICS lines, namely “ASICS”, “ASICS Tiger” and “Onitsuka Tiger”. The entire range has a yellow-orange finish, which is a tribute to Kihachiro Onitsuka’s love for sunflowers because it always faced the sun and its brightness. 

The Sunflower also represented Mr. Onitsuka’s bright personality and indomitable entrepreneurial spirit!


GEL-QUANTUM 360 KO 100 MENS 21, 

18,933yen ($170 USD)

The GEL-Quantum 360 has, as you guessed, GEL cushioning on its sole. It’s designed to reduce the impact of landing and flows all the way to the mid portion of the sole. The heel incorporates a sunflower design and the upper part of the shoe has a mix of yellow and orange on the laces.

ASICS Tiger 



 17,820 yen ($160 USD)

The GEL-MAI series was quite popular in the 90’s and for the 100th year anniversary, Asics bring it back for the Asics Tiger brand. It has a unique design with the laces being crisscrossed. There is high cushioning on the top with a sponge type material called the “FuzeGEL”. 

The top part also has a Mesh that aids breathability. It’s enveloped in a bright yellow and orange mix which is frankly attractive and eye catching! 

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