mom routine in morning

Mom Routine in the Early Morning

I’m gonna share with you my realistic morning routine as a mom of a one-year-old I’m going to show you how I got this cute hair look. Thanks so much to bestaliproducts recommendations on hair straighteners I absolutely love their products I love working with them so I will show you guys how I got this quick little five-minute messy BG curl later on but for now I’m going to rewind and go back to a couple hours ago and show you guys exactly every single thing that I do from the minute I wake up and my entire morning routine.

Let’s go ahead and get started say bappa oh yeah what was that say Papa what do you have that’s your Papa it’s your favorite word to say until you get the bah-bah and then you just want and down it super fast mommy’s coffee [Music] what’s for breakfast that’s a ball ball but whoo good job good throw what are you want for breakfast you want some cod oh yeah it’s in cod Oh yum yum yummy oh yeah what do you want to go with it some eggs No [Music] so usually at this point I still have not even taken one sip of my coffee I need to like get a faster coffee machine for some days but right now I’m just gonna make an egg sometimes I’d wait and let him play for a little bit before he eats but hey dude so we will sit here for a little bit and eat and drink our coffee and then we’ll go play so every night I like to pick up his toys so we can hang out at night without sitting in a bunch of toys so that’s what I do even though it doesn’t really have to be done it’s nice here’s Koko Koko the rest are packed just a couple weeks so we packed up all the big bulky toys but his favorites his Mickey’s his cars his books his food truck those all got left out welcome to my bathroom this is where I do my little 10-minute get ready it’s really concise right now because like I said we’re moving in just a couple of weeks so am i normal you know ten minute routine is even like shorter and more to the point because I just don’t want to have everything out I have most of my stuff packed just kept out my necessity so necessity number one and this has been a necessity of mine for years and years now is the world trio from t3 I have raved about this product to you guys so many times I recently did a video where I shared my top five like must-have beauty products of all time and this was a man so basically it is if you haven’t seen you have my video to unit my channel well welcome this is my favorite product basically it is little base and it comes with these three attachments so this is just your one inch this is your 1.25 tapered and this is your 1.5 so you’re gonna get different looks at all of them this is going to be more of that loose curl a little bit of a tighter curl and then this is going to be more of your messy tousled waves so right now I am on third day here right now okay it wasn’t anything to it this morning so I curled my hair gonna be one-inch like three days ago and it was just like a quick little five-minute girl so it’s still in there the great thing about this product is that it heats up really fast and very evenly dispersed heat so the product really doesn’t dare that Kohan really doesn’t damage your hair but the curls really last a long time like it’s gonna last until you wash your hair again so as you guys can see here the curls have definitely lasted I just need a little bit of a touch up a little bit of polishing up so normally to be honest I don’t even brush it and I’m not gonna touch it up I’ll just leave it but because I’m going to touch it off today a little head and brush it and I’m gonna use a different one so you guys can see that like you can go over your hair with a different and it you know will come out really cute stuff so I think I’m gonna go for the tapered one because I don’t think I’ve used this one in many videos and I really want to hold on that last little bit of summer I love like a toss old messy beach wave so you just touch it with the button on the bottom turns on okay well that’s heating up the bigger one the 1.5 is my favorite for that loose wave look that loose curl or you may feel like a side part that old Hollywood kind of really pretty curl I love this one and then this one is my favorite if you just want more of that classic curled look I’ll leave out the ends to make it a little bit more modern and fresh I usually leave out the ends most the time and that’s what I love a one like this instead of a barrel but they do have barrel attachments so if you are more comfortable with the barrel you just buy those and switch it out and whatever add to it but this is just so nice because you only have one base so you’re not like storing a million cords in your bathroom you just have little different heads okay so that’s you go now it’s brushed my hair I’m gonna separate it differently three sections you want to be a little bit more texture to it so I’m gonna take smaller sections wrap it around two or three times leave the end out I’m gonna go right up to the base and I only hold it for a couple of seconds switch directions there you go pretty little colonel I usually like to kind of comb it out with my fingers while it’s still hot just to loosen it up a little bit I honestly I’ve said this before I love the way that your hair looks when you sleep on it so because I just think it looks even more natural so I don’t like I said I don’t brush it usually and I don’t sleep with it up guys try to sleep with it down but I also try not to get like my hair on my face because my skin is obviously important too so I will either do the scrunchie and like a very low loose ponytail not a bun a bun ruins my hair for me it like makes the end go in a million different directions but I do like a very loose ponytail or I’ll just sleep with it down [Music] so Michael was able to hang out with Julian today while I film this but if my lats are on somewhere or do something in the morning we both work from home whatever yes to leave then I will just do this with Julian up here with me I have some toys that I keep in my bedroom or I’ll put a show on for him or whatever but he likes saying up here with me a lie looks like get into the drawers you find everything so this is something I just try to keep quick so if I do happen with me up here that I can go to super fast – yes – here’s where we’re at and I will do my top layer now so when I use this wand I like to bring the kernel all the way up to the root because I like that PC messy look right there you can kind of tell the difference between this side does not mind on the top and the side kind of has it gives it like more volume and texture on top sorry shampoo little texture spray damn look at that messy beachy big voluminous hair I love the way this looks I’m gonna go ahead and do it quick skin care routine and show you guys what I do for a quick makeup look I’ll show you my skincare routine in the video next week okay that was just a quick little spooky routine and do something for acne and do something for vitamin C kind of brighten light and tighten and some hydrating serum and then just a little bit of moisturizer and then I’m gonna top it all off with a tinted SPF because that is the key for this look because it’s just part of your routine you’re gonna apply SPF anyways but it’s gonna give you a little bit of coverage which is what I really like for days like this where I’m just gonna be working from home doing stuff around the house you know I might go the grocery store something real quick but it’s nothing where I need like a full face on so Tim moisturizer that has SPF is usually all that I need for a base and if I need to cover up anything more I’ll just do a little concealer but it really takes a step out of my routine here’s where I’ll go and with just a touch of concealer just on the places that I want it are needed and it’s also super lightweight on your skin – who’s the 70 concealer really like it – 60 is the shade that I’m using so on me concealer will creaks a little bit if I don’t set it so I do like to set with a little bit of translucent powder I’ll just use my Beauty Blender and just put a little bit wherever I put the powder not too much because I don’t want my skin to be dried out I’ve been like literally look is the makeup and the brushes that I have left out so I’m really a very small collection right now whatever is left on the brush that can kinda mattify the rest of the face do just a little bit of bronzer so my face matches my body and just give myself a little color to be careful not to do too much when I don’t have foundation on because it came like a little splotchy because you don’t have on that like super even base underneath so it just like to make sure it’s just a wash of color and I’ll bring it down my neck and I throw in a little bit of brow gel I have actually started tinting my brows at home and I just feel like it really cuts my routine – so I never have to worry about anything more than a little bit of brow gel that’s kind of my goal is to get my skin in a place where I don’t need much makeup my lashes my anyt extensions are like they’re really full and long they’re like my brows to be thick on their own but I just want to look you know good without makeup not that I don’t nothing I think you need all I have to look good without makeup but you guys know anything like I love to be able to just wake up and go super fast so I love quick makeup looks like this now you can see the hairs come together [Music] most of my closet is also packed up but I kept out some of the good basics look it’s like literally all gone but I do have some black tanks white tanks and some kind of fun looks and here to that I’ve decided to keep out but normally for a quick little daytime casual look like today I’ll just go for like more of something athleisure or a denim shorts and a tank top or a t-shirt so I’m gonna just do a t-shirt today you know what what I’m looking for but I don’t see it this one so maybe we’ll try this well white v-neck from Orencia with some denim shorts let me see what that looks like okay we’re dressed this is the outfit these are main Eagle D Parkers so if I’m just laundry around the house like today I will wear the Parkers I also loved it Jaden’s but these are just so much looser and more comfortable so they’re good for just running around Julianne and then it’s just a shirt from Erath yeah so just through are a little lip liner and some lip gloss normally I do not put a lip product on until I leave the house just because we don’t at home I don’t need it number one and number two I’d rather just like kissed Julianne or fees like smooches up mommy and honey I don’t care if I clip thought I’d gets all over the couch you know that so I normally just won’t put it on and we’re like the lip balm instead but for the video I will put it on we’re also gonna just quickly throw on some cute little earrings so from Miranda FRA I don’t know if they still have that I just found them when I was packing you know I was like these are so cute I do know her fall collection is coming out soon and I got a few pieces that look amazing hangs with the messy hair I love it and I’m going to do a little perfume this is creed Sam Jo Malone a little bit of fresh a little bit of sweet Thursday final hair makeup outfit I’ll just throw on some little flip-flops or my little slip-on super guys if we leave but this is what I’ve got on today now we’re switching places I will get Julian [Music] so all I do is comment with some water daddies yeah you already ah you want to go get a smoothie this is gonna be good mmm isn’t that good okay bye so that is my complete realistic 10-minute mom morning routine.

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