wedding dress aliexpress review

Wedding Dress from Aliexpress Review

what’s up girls, here’s so again, and today I’m here to review my low budget wedding dress. So back in 2018 on July 23rd was my wedding in canmore and by the time I wanted to keep things inexpensive. Lets keep it that way.

Spending thousands and thousands of dollars on the dress was not my thing, so you know how I’m uh the platinum member on aliexpress. I was just browsing for fun on aliexpress all these different types of wedding dresses. Of course, they look absolutely beautiful in the photos, but some of the reviews were so one side of my mind was telling me do not risk it.

You’re just gon na waste. Your money there’s no way you’re gon na refund the wedding dress. Just don’t do it, but on the other side of my mind, kept telling me it’s just a little over a hundred dollars. Why don’t you just try it out? If you don’t like it, then just go get yourself. Another dress for the wedding and guess which side has one, so the store is called blue rose, wedding, dress shop and the dress that I got looks like this.

There are more photos by Bestaliproducts here.

Now it’s 130 Canadian dollars, but when I purchased the dress it was only 106 dollars and with the shipping it came a little over 141 Canadian dollars. You can’t buy a hundred dollar dress and expect it to be decent. But you know what you are wrong, because my dress actually looked and still looks fantastic. So here’s my dress, look at this and it’s got that beautiful, lacy straps with a few beads on it. I made it in a zipping style, so you won’t have to button everything on here. Details seriously, seamless and the tail is a little long. Its not like a gigantic train, but I had a little bit. The skirt is plain ivory and it just feels very you know, fly with this kind of material, and here are my actual wedding photos, [, Music]. My aunts could not believe nobody else had any clue that it was a cheapo dress, but maybe I was the lucky one to be: choosing the right store and the right dress. You can expect something perfect online because you haven’t seen it in person.

This is one of my lucky purchases of aliexpress, and it just happens to be my wedding dress. What we need to put it on right now, no way it’s not gon na fit. Look at the waist, it’s so small! It doesn’t even go around my neck by the way. This is how you measure the waist. How did I even I hope I will one day fit into distress again?

Well, that was my brief review on my wedding dress experience and to all the brides out there on a budget. It was a pleasant experience for me. It’S a great dress, come on it’s so great. Well, thank you, girls again for watching my review. Hopefully it’s been helpful to you brides, trying to plan a wedding.

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